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Hi. I'm Derek Batson, Vice President of Rhino Metals, makers of Rhino and Bighorn safes. I'm very excited to share if you our fully-featured line of Bighorn safes found here at Bighorn safes feature a massive one and a half inch thick, continuously welded door, providing superior security and fire protection. The doors are secured by solid steel door bolts, locking the door behind the frame so that the door is still completely secure. A commercial grade US-certified electronic lock is easy to use, and provides quick and reliable access to your safe when you need it. Multiple layers of steel and armor plates, along with an internal spring loaded [INAUDIBLE] locker, protect the lock against drill attacks. Heavy duty external hinges allow for opening the door, giving you twice the accessibility of internal hinges. The thick door and body, fire protective lining, and heat-activated door seal protect your valuables against house fires. Bighorn safes feature ETL certified fire protection at either a 30 or 70 minute at 1,200 degree rating. Inside all Bighorn safes, you will find a fully upholstered, convertible interior, with adjustable shelves, and cushion gun rests. All Bighorn and Rhino safes are backed with a limited lifetime warranty, supported by the best customer service in the industry. Your new Bighorn Safe will be delivered curbside to your specified address, via lift gate truck. The driver will take the safe off the truck, and you'll be able to inspect the safe for any damage. The shipping feet are easily removed from the bottom of your safe using a standard socket or wrench. I'm Derek Batson. And thank you for considering a Bighorn safe available at

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