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Charlie is my baby. She is a pocket Beagle. Charlie was there through some of the roughest moments of my world. I don't know what I would have done without Charlie. [MUSIC PLAYING] We had just pulled up at my mother's house, and Charlie made a beeline towards the woods, so immediately the search began. We were calling her name, riding up and down the street, posting signs, I was devastated. I was losing my best friend. I needed my dog. It was then I decided to post it on the neighbors app, and tons of people replied, posted I'll keep a look out, I hope she returns home, this is heartbreaking. So sorry to hear that, we'll keep an eye out. Hope she returns on her own. When I found out that Charlie was missing, it made me very, very sad, and I responded because I wanted this family to know that, as a community of neighbors, we were going to be able to do whatever was possible to be on the lookout, to try to bring Charlie back home. Reading all the posts made me feel hopeful. It also made me feel like I'm not alone, that there are other eyes out there, of people that I don't know, looking for my dog. I saw the post about Charlie missing, so I said, hey I know where that dog is. So I went on and replied, your dog can be found over here on Hiawassee Drive. So immediately, I got Charlie's collar and I went to Hiawassee Drive and I saw a neighbor. I stopped to talk to her, and she said yeah, she's been living next door. The next door neighbor was taking care of Charlie, who had been missing for three long, cold, wet weeks. I felt overjoyed. The reunion was just priceless, I feel great that they were reunited and I had a part in it. I remember neighbors in the app were happy and we were all celebrating. The Neighbors app made me feel like, we as neighbors are closer, there are people out there that have your best interest and they're there to help you. The Neighbors app brought a happy ending for Charlie and my family. And it's free, so everybody should use it.

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