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Before the Tuscan IGP certification anybody could pretend the olive oil was from Tuscany, when it actually wasn't. You know, at that time it was very hard to believe that a retailer would be interested in an IGP certified olive oil. 12 years ago when we got the very first purchase order for eight containers, the Consorzio said that I had to have lost my mind. It had to be maybe for eight pallets, but couldn't possibly be for eight full containers. We believe that products that grow naturally from the land, from the trees, have unique and distinctive flavors. The greatest danger in the olive oil industry is to abandon the fields. Everybody comes to Tuscany to see the hills and its beauty. If we cannot sustain the growers and give them the hope and the opportunity to live from the products they grow, all of its beauty could be lost. Consumers all over the world must understand what is behind every single bottle. Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is authenticity, it's goodness, it's flavor and aroma. The strongest guarantee comes from the bond between the land and the growers who not only cultivate it, but they also live from it. [SPEAKING ITALIAN] It is a very different experience and I think that it is the best example of extra virgin olive oil. I would tell American consumers that they're buying the very same oil that I use at home with my family. To fulfill our customers' orders, our challenge was to get the certification and deliver by Christmas. The success of the whole year's worth of work depends on the two months of crops. Every year to satisfy Certified Origins' requests, we have to bend over backwards. Our products arrive to the US market earlier than to the shelves of Italian retailers. My name is [? Musie ?] [? Monetti, ?] and I'm [? Alma's ?] President since 1980. My name is Marcello. I'm [? Montelbano's ?] General Manager. My name is Lupe [? Lofilo, ?] and I was born in [? Vince, ?] Florence province. My name is [? Lauda ?] Maria [? Verde. ?] My name is Antonio [? Calusi. ?] I'm 76 years old. My name is Bruno [? Tuci. ?] My name is Gerardo. I'm 38, and I've worked here for 20 years. Good morning. My name is Marco. My name is Giorgio, and I've been the mill Manager for the last 37 years. My name is Paula, and I've worked in the mill for 22 years. Good morning. My name is [? Massimo ?] [? Tuccio, ?] and I'm 59 years old. I've worked this land since 1975, which is mostly invested in olive trees.
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