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[MUSIC PLAYING] Abbyson Living is proud to be an industry leader in both quality and fashion. Our furniture is designed with comfort and durability in mind. We've taken every effort to ensure our product fulfills expectations you have of quality furniture. Abbyson Living offers the following limited warranty. Abbyson Living warrants all of our furniture against defective materials and workmanship from one year from the date of purchase except for: Parts and products used for commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional, or any other non-residential purposes. Parts and products that have not been maintained in accordance with the care recommendations provided by Abbyson Living and the retailer from whom the product was purchased. Parts and products damaged resulting from buyer's improper assembly or parts and products that are damaged or defective due to normal wear and tear. Tears in leather or fabric only occur with high stress, and tears are not covered under Abbyson's manufacturer warranty. Please keep in mind leather is not impossible to damage. It's susceptible to scratches, tears, and damages. For more detailed information, please visit for the complete warranty information. Thank you for watching our warranty information video and choosing Abbyson Living. Abbyson Living-- inspired elegance for the way we live. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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